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I love beautiful homes, food, gardens, places, objects and experiences.

I love to make , choosing wonderful fabrics, making soft furnishings and shades.

I love to choose the items that compliment the handcrafted things I make, simple inclusion criteria -things I would have in our home,

Tuppence was always my plan when it was time to move on from a demanding career and that happened in 2013.

Tuppence ? – my Dads nickname for me when I was a little girl – very special .

Who’s involved?  – I make all the soft furnishings and shades and choose the items we stock, Mr T provides muscle power and is a cheerful delivery driver – altho he craves a van. Friends and family have been so supportive and we’ve grown steadily each year since we launched.

What an exciting experience its been, travelling around the country to events and fairs, meeting customers and now seeing our products in homes all around the world.

I relish the idea of living well, having things in your life, your home and garden that give you real pleasure.

I do hope you enjoy